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French Twinks, Naked Gay Traction, Naked Attraction, Raphaël Andrioli

New Episode Gay Naked Traction French Twinks

The first installment of French Twinks‘ “Naked Gay Traction” nearly broke the internet. You will be delighted to know that the second episode has now been released. The lucky guy that gets to pick his first-ever scene partner this week is Raphaël Andrioli. The gorgeous Raphaël is ready to select his fuck buddy. As the

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French Twinks, Naked Attraction, Gay Naked Traction, Sasha Delange

French Twinks Present Naked Gay Traction

French Twinks – Naked Gay Traction a “Naked Attraction” Parody with Sasha Delange Readers from the UK would have no doubt of seen Naked Attraction. French Twinks have put their sexy spin on things and present “Naked Gay Traction”. This sexy game show is presented by a hairy-chested drag queen with bright purple hair. Today’s

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French Twinks, Riviera Orgy, Justin Leroy, Ethan Duval, Lucas Bouvier, Mael Dumas

French Twinks have an Orgy on the Riviera with Justin Leroy

French Twinks – Orgy on The Riviera with Justin Leroy, Lucas Bouvier, Maël Dumas and Ethan Duval Those naughty French Twinks are back at it again. This time they are enjoying Sun, Sex and an Orgy on The Riviera. Boyfriends Justin Leroy and Lucas Bouvier decide to take a trip in their cabriolet. The weather

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French Twinks, Devin Lewis< Justin Leroy

Naked French Twinks Contest Justin Leroy & Devin Lewis

French Twinks – Naked Twinks Content with Justin Leroy & Devin Lewis So’s always very fun to make English people speak in French and the French speak as an American guy, especially when it comes to guess signification of words like “balls” or “dicks”. Justin Leroy faces Devin Lewis in a game where the

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French Twinks, Naked Twink Challenge, Justin LeRoy, Felix Maze

French Naked Twink Contest with Justin LeRoy & Felix Maze

French Twinks – Naked Twink Challenge with Justin LeRoy & Felix Maze The are continuing their sexually charged US journey, and have stopped off in southern California. American Twink Felix Maze meets French Twink Justin LeRoy, and Doryann Marguet has the perfect idea. What better way to break down any language barrier, than with

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US Road Dick Episode 2 – Orgy Time at French Twinks

French Twinks – US Road Dick Episode 2 – French & American Orgy! The sexual adventure of’s “US Road Dick” continues in their next instalment. The gorgeous Paul Delay, Chris Loan, Doryann Marguet and Enzo Lemercier arrive in ultimate city of sin, Las Vegas. After an amazing night out on the town taking in

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Paul Delay, Enzo Lemercier, Chris Loan, Doryann Marguet, French Twinks, US Road Dick

French Twinks US Road Dick Part 1 Enzo Lemercier Hooks Up with Luke Allen

French Twinks – US Road Dick Part 1 Enzo Lemercier meets Luke Allen So decided to take their twinks on an adventure on a lifetime, over in the USA. This was the perfect opportunity for a “US Road Dick”.French Twinks Paul Delay, Enzo Lemercier, Chris Loan and Doryann Marguet start off their naughty adventures taking

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french twinks, clark lewis, Enzo lemercier

French Twinks Fuck Lessons with Clark Lewis & Enzo Lemercier

French Twinks French Fuck Lesson with Enzo Lemercier & Blake Lewis Clark Lewis, a young English asks Enzo Lemercier to teach him a few words of French but the twink will take pleasure in giving him whimsical translations and make him repeat explicit sentences. Once his joke is over Enzo goes to practice and teaches

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