DeAngelo Jackson, Ty Mitchell, Joey Mills,, Top of the fair ass wheel Presents Top of The Fair Ass Wheel - with DeAngelo Jackson, Ty Mitchell and Joey Mills

Roll up, roll up the carnival has come to town. Don’t worry if they aren’t coming to your city, you can follow their dirty antics online. The show this week features three of the hottest guys in the business. You have the deliciously handsome DeAngelo Jackson. You have the incredibly fine Ty Mitchell, and the naughty but nice Mr. Joey Mills. So what goes down? Well, who didn’t is the answer to that question. Joey and Ty are enjoying a nice day out at the fair. As they are stood in the line for the next attraction, it appears that their attraction for each other gets the best of them. All this results in the duo sneaking off and having sex on the Ferris wheel. There is just one little problem, as the doors open as the ride is open, officer Jackson is waiting to interrogate them. 

As the guys sit in the interrogation room, DeAngelo sits and questions the duo. He explains that there behavior and actions are not appropriate for the fair. He demands to see their phones, and they both object. The boys are told that they are under festival law, and he has the right to take them. The pair both squirm as the officer reviews the contents of their mobile devices. There are things on there, that he simply cannot see. Suddenly Joey has a plan, a plan of sexual distraction. He signals to Ty, that he should offer him up something to take his mind off the phone. What is this secret signal? The offer of a blow job that’s what. 

Devious Distraction. 

Ty knows what he must do. He puts on the best seductive routine and suggests that DeAngelo should disregard the phone and pay a little attention to his butt. Officer Jackson is up for a challenge, he bends over the fully clothed and rips his pants and briefs apart. He is in the mood for an ass and has no time to waste on undressing his plaything. Seeing Ty’s exposed butt DeAngelo goes to town on it, with his tongue. The man is hungry and having this ass buffet in front of him, is an opportunity he will not miss. Not to be missing out on the action, Joey whacks out his cock for Ty to have a suck on. The oral fun continues and everyone has a taste of what they want. 

We must say that this desk must be reinforced cause the fucking that follows is seriously hard. Ty gets pounded hard by DeAngelo and Joey takes his turn. Joey then takes a pounding from Mr Jackson. The heat from this movie is cranked up to maximum. All these guys give a seriously horny performance and everyone is well into the scene. This is one carnival that you have to attend! 

DeAngelo Jackson, Ty Mitchell and Joey Mills get down and dirty at the carnival!

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