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French Twinks - Californian Drift with Paul Delay & Justin Leroy

Out in the blazing sun of the Californian desert the award winning Paul Delay has been tufted out of his lover’s house. With nothing to his name, apart for a suitcase of belongings Paul is left to wonder the baron environment. Paul has only one hope to hitchhike a ride to the nearest town. As he wonders along the long winding road, vehicles pass him by. The lonely twink has almost given up all hope when a flashy silver car appears from nowhere. One last attempt at a ride, Paul makes the signal and pins all he hopes that it will stop. All of his prayers are answered as the car pulls over. 

On approaching the passenger side of the vehicle, Paul has hit a double jackpot as not only does he get a ride, but a ride with the delicious Justin Leroy. The pair have a brief conversation, before Justin puts his foot down on the gas and the pair zoom off into the sunset. As the sun beats down the temperature in the cabriolet rises as the pair clearly share some sexual tension. As their boners grow in their pants, Justin decides it’s time to pull over to have some fun.

As there are no cars for miles, the pair can easily fulfil their fantasy of true outdoor sex. Feeling each other’s raging hard cocks, Paul is hungry for the taste of Justin’s meat. Justin pulls out his throbbing dick and Paul delights in sucking it deep. This is just the start, the pair both enjoy giving one another blow jobs. Then one they have satisfied their oral craves its time for a fuck fest in the sun. The good thing about being in the middle of nowhere is that you can make as much noise and no one will hear. Justin plows Paul’s ass against the sporty vehicle and they both enjoy the dessert for reasons they never never before.   

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On the open Californian road, Paul Delay and Justin LeRoy fuck in the sun!

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